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Andley Oneshots

Andley Oneshots

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Andley😘 By blackveilblack Updated Feb 10

andley oneshots for you andley shippers. I only do Ashley Dom.

AureaMcBuckets3 AureaMcBuckets3 Sep 26, 2016
Holy freaking shiz, Jaime Preciado and Austin Carlile in this, I love them, Andy and Ashley, I'm now just dead from the feels!!!!
Andley_The_Neko Andley_The_Neko Dec 28, 2016
                              My first kiss went a little like this 
                              My mic went out so I had to get really close to a guy's face and I really like him
Queens_of_fangirling Queens_of_fangirling Nov 25, 2016
i thought it said 'andley one-shots for all you andley strippers' and i just sat there like
                              wait wut
JAIME PRECIADO HOW  DARE YOU?!? You deserved to be punished!
Ofmiceandsquidgymen Ofmiceandsquidgymen Nov 22, 2016
Is it weird I can't imagine Andy being bottom and yet at the same time I can?
AureaMcBuckets3 AureaMcBuckets3 Sep 26, 2016
I can't decide which song I love more in this; "Rebel Love Song" or "Heart Of Fire" lol!