Tall, Strong, and All Man (Crows MC) #Wattys2016 (Slow Updates)

Tall, Strong, and All Man (Crows MC) #Wattys2016 (Slow Updates)

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Harley Davidson Scott By BooksEqualsLove56 Updated Oct 22

Feb 28, 2016 5:30pm

This story is based on a day dream I had. I've been reading a few MC book series. So I thought why not turn it into a book.

First MC book. Hope you like it

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*This is not a werewolf, mafia, or vampire book*

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weirdoagain weirdoagain Nov 02
                              I am a big fan If you haven't noticed my pp already.
Lmao my friend Sarah is 24 and she like 4"9-5"0 this chick is tiny af lol and ppl would look at her like wait how old are you? She can pass for 12-14 yrs old
Drzper Drzper Nov 29
BRUH I have a whole board on my Pinterest account for him 😩🙂