Shu And Subaru X Reader

Shu And Subaru X Reader

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Absolem By TheBlueCatterpillar Updated Aug 01, 2016

Shu and subaru x reader one shots. :3

I dont own diabolik lovers or any of the characters but shu and subaru own you.

Mukami and other sakamaki surprises maybe.... If I feel like it.

Enjoy :3

PurpleKitten512 PurpleKitten512 Oct 01, 2016
Subaru is bae!!!
                              Btw you spelled shuu wrong. Its shuu not Shu.
MikasaScythe MikasaScythe Dec 15, 2016
when I fall asleep on the stairs on the way to my bed XD this is why I love shuu. yas
ElementAngel ElementAngel Sep 18, 2016
My sister read this part and she asked why I was reading about Bertrum