Shu And Subaru X Reader

Shu And Subaru X Reader

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Absolem By TheBlueCatterpillar Updated Apr 18, 2017

Shu and subaru x reader one shots. :3

I dont own diabolik lovers or any of the characters but shu and subaru own you.

Mukami and other sakamaki surprises maybe.... If I feel like it.

Enjoy :3

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This is sooo my new favourite short story of Subaru x reader fanfic
ciel666phantomhive ciel666phantomhive Jan 24, 2017
I ain't get no sleep cause yall and yall get no sleep cause of me~
AsunaYuuki512 AsunaYuuki512 Oct 01, 2016
Subaru is bae!!!
                              Btw you spelled shuu wrong. Its shuu not Shu.
Subaru-san_8 Subaru-san_8 Feb 02, 2017
*imitates Shuu* let me sleep damn woman.
                              Me: *gets a blow horn and ear plugs and goes right next to his ear* don't make me.
                              Me: Unlike Yui I will. *blows the air horn*
thegreenpotatoe thegreenpotatoe Feb 08, 2017
Remote: too far
                              Phone:  too far
                              Friends house: too far
                              Kitchen: *runs in and attacks fridge*