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The Shadow Kingdom (Wattpad Featured Novel)

The Shadow Kingdom (Wattpad Featured Novel)

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David Kingston By DavidKingston101 Completed

Set in the background of contemporary New York City, there exists a world beyond this world. This is a world where fantastic beings exists and where the true power behind the thrones manipulate world governments to their own liking. It is a world as enchanting as it is terrifying, ruled by passion, vengeance, greed, and the most basic human emotions.

Welcome to the Shadow Kingdom.

Scarlett Whitmore is an unassuming, eighteen-year-old college student. Everything about her life is decidedly mundane except for one aspect - she has the supernatural ability to control ice and water. She has lived in secret with this ability her entire life with no understanding of its origins or meaning.

All that changes the day that she meets Adrian Shang. He is tall, dark, handsome, and like her, supernatural. He reveals the truth behind Scarlett's dark origins, that she is the bastard daughter of a powerful warlock king. Forces from all over the Shadow Kingdom conspire to utilize Scarlett's unique position for their own selfish gain, and she is thrust into a world of conspiracy and political intrigue. Scarlett quickly learns that everyone in the Shadow Kingdom wants something. And they will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Forces of love, hatred, honour, pettiness, vice, and virtue all collide, bringing the mysterious Shadow Kingdom to light.

Highest rank achieved --- #6

That's a lot of effort I see already. I look forward to reading. :)
A foreword I can appreciate. I also appreciate the care and attention to detail I hope to see in your work. There's a lot of rough drafts on this site.
et34984 et34984 Jul 26, 2016
I can't wait to read your book it sounds like you have put a lot of effort into this so hopefully it will reflect in your writing!
FennekinLover FennekinLover Jun 21, 2016
The cover is from Nakita and I love nakita both the series and the main character
Clacemorgenstern Clacemorgenstern Sep 11, 2016
I am a GREAT fan of TID, TMI and TDA and I believe this book is gonna be a great read :)
Azalea270 Azalea270 Jun 12, 2016
Man I wish I had the patience to edit everything so thoroughly