Just a little love story (tyler posey and crystal reed) Short Story

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Rayanne Kristine By rayraykristine Completed
This is a love story about Tyler posey and crystal reed and how they would fall in love if it were all up to me (:
no offense, but.. uhm, in the first season crystal was 25, and posey was only 18. But i like it! its rlly good! :D
how do you make another part because I am trying to make my story
Well, They paragraphs are really close maybe if you put maybe 2 spaces or 3 spaces in between to keep it more organised and readable.
Hi! We are new to wattpad, we started yesterday. Could you check out your story please? Also I love the book, #STEREKFOREVERTHOUGH. :)
Very good start to the book, but make more spaces between paragraphs it's really hard to keep up with where you're at. Other than that amazing!
Is the story done? Or is there more to it? I wanna read more of this please!!! 
                                    Love it :)