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Pretty-Little-Psycho By Colourless_Psycho Updated Apr 12

[Y/n] [L/n] was always an abnormal girl. She was different from the rest and she was always bullied for it. [Y/n] had heterochromia iridium which means her eyes are two different colours. One being [e/c] and the other being a dangerous red. It was just a normal day until some bullies pushed her over the edge and her life was turned inside out. But is this just another cliche? Or does it go deeper into a dark and twisted tale?
Be warned that there is blood and gore in this story, vile language is censored if missed please tell me!  This came from my account from Quotev, I don't own the creepypasta's but the story line in mine :D Enjoy the Story!

Really try dealing with maths on 'week A' and PE on 'week B'
                              For some reason my school goes like that and we repeat the same lessons everyday 
I'm not so calm and collected, lol anger issues.If someone would do that to me, I'll go berserk and scream "bitch wanna fight?!"
lildeamon lildeamon Jun 08
Why is this so relatable? In fact, it's too relatable... Meh.
Mackenzie's the name of my cousin ;-; ...She's one of the best cousins I have
I actually wear that outfit frequently...are you stalking people author-chan?
Writing_Toast333 Writing_Toast333 Dec 18, 2016
Okay. Now that went from 100 to 100000000000000 REAAALLY FAST.