Picking Up The Pieces.

Picking Up The Pieces.

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MeXAgainstXTheXWorld By MeXAgainstXTheXWorld Completed

{Book two}

Addison Axford was once told that time healed all wounds.
He wasn't so sure as to how true  that was.

If anything, time seemed to act like vinegar to the open cuts, Stinging more and more with each passing second.

But just because it hurt, sadly, it didn't mean you was going to die.

Having thought the horrors of his past was over and moving onwards and  upwards was all there was too it,  it all becomes too much when old faces resurface and  sick  games are pushed into motion.

With everyone seeming to have a alter motive and the links all lining up in a way that anybody could be a possibility, theres only one  question  playing on Addison's mind.

Who is it  trying to sabotaged the frail strings of happiness that he and Jace had managed to rebuild?

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RexTheBoy RexTheBoy Aug 08, 2017
I just understood what you meant. Cause the first story didn't end with a everything-is-totally-okay ending
miss545 miss545 Jun 05, 2017
I'm so ready for this sequel and all its quotes. Came right from the first one.
Rulerofallweirdos Rulerofallweirdos Aug 03, 2017
Arggg bad girl wants out. Why did he kill him that sick 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Santin_Fury Santin_Fury Jul 25, 2017
Wow.... I see what you did their author, putting a quote like that in the very first chapter of a book that's a sequel to a book that did not end okay. *slowly claps* good job, you just hurt my feelings all over again.
miss545 miss545 Jun 05, 2017
Came from the first one and this was to soon waayyyy to soon.
littlerandi1207 littlerandi1207 Dec 16, 2016
It makes so much more sense now that I read the first book!!!