Her D.I.M.E. (Lesbian)

Her D.I.M.E. (Lesbian)

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Rebellious By famous_quese Updated Apr 13, 2016

Jessica 'Dime' Chatman being a multi-million dollar beauty polar owner, she struggles to be the number one girl in Jamiee's life. Dime being her eye candy, her lucky charm, her maid, her chief, her mistress , her nanny and her back bone  for almost 2 years Jamiee still wont even make her, her girlfriend. Dime rather be with her ex Nanai who has a drug addiction but is trying to move on with Jamiee

Jamiee being an up and coming stud music artist needs a face like Dime's for publicity, so Dime being her eye candy to make her name known. Jamiee still being with her first love, has not feelings for Dime that way. Even though Dime has raised Jamiee's daughter Ki'Yana (pretending thats she her own) after Jamiee had been raped by her uncle. Jamiee still refuses to let herself gain feelings for someone who is willing to do so much for her. Jamiee's girlfriend Yasmine see's Jamiee going to the top and see dollar signs all over.

In a book of betrayal, Hurt, Money, Music and Fame watch as these two females life change for better or for worst. 

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