magic ↠ ( disney genderbent x reader imagines )

magic ↠ ( disney genderbent x reader imagines )

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     ❝all you need is faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust.❞

feel free to request scenarios. i am also open to new characters not on the list.
[comment your request on first part]

requests : closed

includes :
 ↬ cinderella (cinderella)
 ↬ snow white (snow white & the seven dwarfs)
 ↬ aurora (sleeping beauty)
 ↬ ariel (the little mermaid)
 ↬ belle (beauty and the beast)
 ↬ mulan (mulan)
 ↬ pocahontas (pocahontas)
 ↬ jasmine (aladdin)
 ↬ tiana (princess & the frog)
 ↬ rapunzel (tangled)
 ↬ merida (brave)
 ↬ anna (frozen)
 ↬ elsa (frozen)
 ↬ moana (moana)
 ↬ esmerelda (the hunchback of notre dame)
 ↬ kida (atlantis)
 ↬ jane (tarzan)
 ↬ megara (hercules)
 ↬ alice (alice in wonderland)
 ↬ wendy (peter pan)
 ↬ cruella (101 dalmatians)
 ↬ maleficent (sleeping beauty)
 ↬ ursula (the little mermaid)

 ↬ mickey mouse
 ↬ donald duck
 ↬ marlin (finding nemo)
 ↬ nemo (finding nemo)
 ↬ gill (finding nemo)
 ↬ sully (monsters inc.)
 ↬ mike (monsters inc.)
 ↬ randall (monsters inc.)
 ↬ lightning mcqueen (cars)
 ↬ finn mcmissile (cars 2)
 ↬ francesco bernoulli (cars 2)
 ↬ dinoco the king (cars)
 ↬ bolt (bolt)
 ↬ todd (the fox & the hound)
 ↬ tramp (lady & the tramp)
 ↬ robin hood (robin hood)
 ↬ bambi (bambi)
 ↬ thumper (bambi)
 ↬ simba (the lion king)
 ↬ kovu (the lion king 2)
 ↬ scar (the lion king)
 ↬ jack skellington (the nightmare before christmas)
 ↬ nick wilde (zootopia)


[disney genderbends]
[in progress]
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i do not own any of these characters, all credit to disney companies

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Elsa x reader
                              The reader is a traveler and ends up finding Elsa’s castle and you choose the rest and lots of fluff in please
Could I request for a male Jessica rabbit x reader please, thank you 😀
Do you do no genderbend? I’m trying to find a good Clopin x reader but all of them are either horrible in grammar to the point you can’t understand it, used text talk, is an oc, or has a horrible storyline. If you can do regular Disney characters, that would be great. Thank you!
FoolishMortalz FoolishMortalz Jun 27, 2017
Humanized Simba or Stitch maybe even Jack Skeleington any of those 3!
Could I request for a male Jessica rabbit x reader please, thank you 😀
Humanized Character: Mushu (dragon from Mulan)
                              Prompt: Y/N is Mulan’s bff and meets Mushu. Mushu and Y/N don’t like each other at first but then Mulan & Shang get them together.
                              Fluff: LOTS OF ITTTT