magic ↠ ( disney genderbent x reader imagines )

magic ↠ ( disney genderbent x reader imagines )

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middle earth bound By rebelrxse Updated Sep 12, 2017


     ❝all you need is faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust.❞

feel free to request scenarios. i am also open to new characters not on the list.
[comment your request on first part]

requests : closed

includes :
 ↬ cinderella (cinderella)
 ↬ snow white (snow white & the seven dwarfs)
 ↬ aurora (sleeping beauty)
 ↬ ariel (the little mermaid)
 ↬ belle (beauty and the beast)
 ↬ mulan (mulan)
 ↬ pocahontas (pocahontas)
 ↬ jasmine (aladdin)
 ↬ tiana (princess & the frog)
 ↬ rapunzel (tangled)
 ↬ merida (brave)
 ↬ anna (frozen)
 ↬ elsa (frozen)
 ↬ moana (moana)
 ↬ esmerelda (the hunchback of notre dame)
 ↬ kida (atlantis)
 ↬ jane (tarzan)
 ↬ megara (hercules)
 ↬ alice (alice in wonderland)
 ↬ wendy (peter pan)
 ↬ cruella (101 dalmatians)
 ↬ maleficent (sleeping beauty)
 ↬ ursula (the little mermaid)

 ↬ mickey mouse
 ↬ donald duck
 ↬ marlin (finding nemo)
 ↬ nemo (finding nemo)
 ↬ gill (finding nemo)
 ↬ sully (monsters inc.)
 ↬ mike (monsters inc.)
 ↬ randall (monsters inc.)
 ↬ lightning mcqueen (cars)
 ↬ finn mcmissile (cars 2)
 ↬ francesco bernoulli (cars 2)
 ↬ dinoco the king (cars)
 ↬ bolt (bolt)
 ↬ todd (the fox & the hound)
 ↬ tramp (lady & the tramp)
 ↬ robin hood (robin hood)
 ↬ bambi (bambi)
 ↬ thumper (bambi)
 ↬ simba (the lion king)
 ↬ kovu (the lion king 2)
 ↬ scar (the lion king)
 ↬ jack skellington (the nightmare before christmas)
 ↬ nick wilde (zootopia)


[disney genderbends]
[in progress]
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i do not own any of these characters, all credit to disney companies

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Elsa x reader
                              The reader is a traveler and ends up finding Elsa’s castle and you choose the rest and lots of fluff in please
Could I request for a male Jessica rabbit x reader please, thank you 😀
0StarFait0 0StarFait0 Jun 27, 2017
Humanized Simba or Stitch maybe even Jack Skeleington any of those 3!
Could I request for a male Jessica rabbit x reader please, thank you 😀
PrettyLittleLairs100 PrettyLittleLairs100 Dec 02, 2017
WAIT HOLD THE PHONE!!! Sully....oh god I wish it was the creepypasta of him 😥😪
bunny2831 bunny2831 Jun 06, 2017
Can you do male Snow White x reader fluff. I have no prompt at the moment