Cold Submission (Sample)

Cold Submission (Sample)

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Mira Heart By MiraHeartWild Updated Mar 20, 2017

Isaac has been looking for a submissive for years. He seems to never be able to find what it is he is looking for but he is hoping that is coming to a end soon. As Head Dom at the Playroom, a local BDSM club, he is getting tired of playing with the subs. He wants to find the one. 

Frost is in no way looking for any body. All he wants is to keep his fucking nose clean and run his tattoo shop in peace. His past is the kind that haunts a guy to the end of his days. But he did the crimes so now he has to pay somehow. Might as well be Karma kicking her size 14 up his ass. So why in the hell is this guy with salt and pepper hair and silvery blue eyes suddenly showing up in his life? What the hell is karma pulling?

Safe Sane Consensual BDSM MalexMale relationship centric. Gay Erotica and Actions Romance. 
Mature 18+ readers.

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mommad2013 mommad2013 Feb 26, 2016
To be honest I'm glad you separated them cause Frost was stealing Marisa's Thunder in the other book. Idk what it is but Frost is just something undeniable and enjoyable to read!
bookwormasalways2015 bookwormasalways2015 Feb 28, 2016
F'ck ! What a Prologue ! Dying to know Frost's reaction ....
_incxgnitx _incxgnitx Jul 15, 2016 frost the same soldier that killed someone to save skylar?
                              Sorry, ist been a long time and as I went back to search for the name it seems sweet submission was published.. I really wished it to be so soldier
Coralie56 Coralie56 Feb 25, 2016
And you do once more what you're so good at: you tease us and leave us thirsty! Thank you, now I'm waiting for more ;)
KaySetonks KaySetonks Feb 25, 2016
Ha ha, didn't know about this.....great,   so Isaac has made some headway with frost and he has bravely admitted an interest in the lifestyle, and has gone to view a scene.   How great to see our randy and bastian up and about and able to partake of a public scene, well done to all our men!
PaisleyViking PaisleyViking Mar 16, 2016
I love the imagery and the way we could see it through Frost's eyes. Well done!