But Will You Love Me Tomorrow?

But Will You Love Me Tomorrow?

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stillkidruahll_ By stillkidruahll_ Updated Nov 22, 2016

Chapter 1

I walked down the hallway of my school, it had finally reach my favourite part of the day- lunch time. As I made my way through the crowds of people, some noticed me, smiling lighting as i made eye contact with them. I mean, I was known around the school fairly well-I guess. I mainly put that down to me being friends with Ellie and Ellie going out with Chaz Somers- he was one of the most popular boys in the school and as Ellie had been going out with him we all just started hanging out together. 

They were pretty cool, the whole group i mean. The group consisted of me, Ellie, Chaz, Ryan, James, Nathan and Somer. There was a couple more people that hang around with us from time to time but I never really talk to them that often.  

I also had a blog- so i mainly guessed people knew me from that also. It was a Tumblr blog that I was most known for but also had a YouTube channel in which I posted make-up tutorials. My Tumblr blog was my life, I was basically on it...

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DeroGitz DeroGitz Mar 27, 2017
Amen to that I feel like that right now😂😂😂😂💯💯💯💯
JustinB_Traducciones JustinB_Traducciones Apr 11, 2017
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prettymucharreaga prettymucharreaga Feb 27, 2016
Wouldn't she count as one of his hoes bc she sleeps w him, even if it's drunk sex😅