On my sweet sixteen i'm a PREGNANT TEEN!

On my sweet sixteen i'm a PREGNANT TEEN!

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"I stared at my at my stomach and moved my hand towards it. It doesn't feel too different. Maybe it was because I didn't want it? Was it a bit rounder? a bit bigger?..."

After Jessica's stunning 16th Birthday Bash she finds herself on her bed, nursing a hangover and pregnant... With her best-friends ex.
Should she keep the baby?
How will she tell her parents and friends?
Will she choose her friends ex over her best friend?

A novel by star10122
Read to find out.

I'm a little confused, was this rape? Because if she doesn't remember anything then doesn't that say she was unconscious?
JoyfulRider JoyfulRider Jul 26
I love this! I'm an actual teen mom so for me this is SUPER interesting lol. Check out my story https://youtu.be/Rc3-Mh9VgJw
How tf do you paint teeth? And why the hell is she kissing them?
No, I'm just super hungry. And I gained a lot a weight. I also feel like I'm dying inside. No I'm not prego
karlyeeyee karlyeeyee Jun 29, 2016
First off, I don't believe in abortions. 😂✋🏽 #noclintonsinthewhitehouse2k16
opininsandtruth opininsandtruth Aug 18, 2016
I would've put his a-word on child support. That is if he didn't want to take care of the baby.😊