The beauty and her criminal.

The beauty and her criminal.

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Queen Amethyst By Luna-Stella-Blue Updated 5 days ago

Once upon a time there was a couple.
One was black the other is white.
I of course was the black one!
But we fell in love. And over the course of 2 years we got married!
It was all sugar canes and lollipops until the  honeymoon.
That night was the night I found out that he had a second life.
A dangerous life.
I found out that he was wanted over 10 different states.
That night was the night he got arrested and the next day was when he was sentenced to life in prison!

You must be thinking. "Why don't you move on with your life?"

Well he has people watching my every move! People that doesn't let me leave the country only if it's for a short period of  time. People who always pay for my purchases even though I have the money. And people who constantly gets meme fired.

Yep even if my 'husband' is in prison he isis still ruining my life!

Maybe because he think it's okay to put his hands on a girl and throw her around while she naked?
xlolxzap xlolxzap Sep 20
She just said she didn't want anything from him everything was forced on her including grabby ass Tyler 😪
^^^^^Right I was getting ready to hurt somebody that's daddy
^shorty up there must be blind asf cause Stephen James is sexy asab😍😍😭😍😭😩😍
Ok that's mean has it ever occurred to you that maybe he was protecting you from his enemies and that he generally loves you🙄😒😒
DejaB1415 DejaB1415 Nov 05
Wow her saying this means she never really loved him. So this dumb chick should have gotten married. Like seriously if you really loved him no matter what you wouldn't wish he would have been on death roe.