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Percy Jackson; Son of Artemis, Prince of Animals.

Percy Jackson's mom was killed by his scumbag of a step-father. Together, Artemis, Hestia and Apollo, do everything they can to raise Percy as the greatest demigod to ever live. But danger is never far and with Percy announced Prince of Animals, what will the other gods think?

Also, who in Tartarus dared to kidnap his new mom?

Disclaimer: *insert sassy disclaimer about Rick Riordan owning the Percy Jackson series here.*

@wolfmoonhowler you go girl or Person what ever you are.
What if the nemean lion adopted small-bob and his litter mates...?
I would actually say blackjack for some odd reason wait scratch that cuz blackjack is funny🐴
lollykitkat lollykitkat Jul 06
Artemis was protector of young children so she wldnt be disgusted by him till he grew up