Nerdy Boyfriend {BaekYeol}

Nerdy Boyfriend {BaekYeol}

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Elailleta By Elailleta Updated Jun 06

Chanyeol is the kind of guy thats into rock music and punk bands

Baekhyun is the nerdy kid from Chanyeols class who has a huge crush on Chanyeol

Chanyeol just so happens to need a singer for his band and Baekhyun just do happens to try out. Will Chanyeol love Baekhyun the way Baekhyun loves him?

xxEramxx xxEramxx Mar 21
I actually cried when i zoomed in on his face its freaking magestic he's art he's beautiful
Okay let me just wait bed ??? Did I just read bed *insert the famous picture of baek smirking*
chogiwot_m8 chogiwot_m8 Jun 24
bruh if anyone took my phone out of my hand id fückin karate chop that bitches face
GeekyNeko GeekyNeko Feb 27
I read "down the aisle" and thought, "We already at the wedding?"