Yes, Captain (Chris Evans FanFiction)

Yes, Captain (Chris Evans FanFiction)

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notoriousbee By notoriousbee Updated Dec 08, 2016

I raised one manicured eyebrow at Julia, my receptionist, who was sitting behind the desk with an enormous, excited smile on her face. She handed me my next patient's information sheet and I quickly scanned the paper, readjusting the black, Prada glasses on my nose. I smirked silently, it always made me laugh when patients wrote 'actor' under occupation. 
"Okay, Mr Evans?" I asked as I turned to the waiting room, my eyes widening and my body pausing in momentary shock when my eyes landed on the man standing to greet me. Standing in front of me with his hand outstretched and a gorgeous, Oscar-winning smile on his face, was none other than Mr Captain America himself, Chris Evans.  


Picture this. 26 years old, Australian born and a fully qualified physiotherapist running my own succcessful private practice. A lover of Disney and old, classic music, I lived a quiet life - made much louder by my 3 best girlfriends and my dog Kovu. I was the kind of girl that always had something to say, always knew what to do in every single situation. That all changed the day that Chris Evans and his gorgeous blue eyes walked into my clinic.

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marvelous_fan marvelous_fan Dec 28, 2016
Colgate-white😂😂 well he does have perfect white teeth😉
Bookish_Drake Bookish_Drake Nov 08, 2016
26 isn't too bad if she were 36 then she should worry. Then again, Janet jackson is 50 and she's pregnant.
marvelous_fan marvelous_fan Dec 28, 2016
OH MY GOSH! That's what I was thinking the whole time as I was reading😂😂