The Alpha Saw Me Naked

The Alpha Saw Me Naked

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Accepting the dare of going naked in water for 10 minutes might not have been my brightest idea.

But I swear I didn't mean to misplace my clothes.

And god knows how my phone lost the signal but I swear it wasn't my fault.

It wasn't my fault then, and it's not my fault now that my childhood EX-bestfriend saw me stark naked and got even more protective if that was even possible.


Arianna and Ashton used to be bestfriends. But all it took was one night, one misunderstanding and one mistake to tear them apart. 

Ashton became the player, and well, Arianna chose the nerd way.

Ashton is a werewolf, Arianna is a human.

It was his 16th birthday, months after they fell apart that Ashton realized that she is his mate.

But too late, she hated him.

With turn of events and one rather fateful dare night, Ashton finally gets the chance he'd be waiting for all his life

A chance to tell her that she was mate and they were destined for each other. To whisper sweet nothings in her ear and to hold his girl in his arms.

But how is it possible when Arianna is a human and oblivious to the werewolf world? Especially now that arianna's abusive father is trying to come back in her life making everything difficult for her. 

With Rogues, pack traitors, and high school, will Ashton be able to win over her?

Or will he lose his mate forever?

Read ahead to find out in "The Alpha saw me naked".

ShermitR ShermitR Sep 02, 2016
Plot twist!! The plot twist has been twisted around because she is falling in love with him
                              Are the plots playing twister again?
ShermitR ShermitR Sep 02, 2016
                              Hey were having a trash can fire tonight, wanna come? 😂
Dutchessprincess Dutchessprincess Nov 11, 2016
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀 I am dieing over here cuz that would be me if I were to be drunk
ShermitR ShermitR Sep 02, 2016
%98 the other %2 is because some guys are actually just that freaking hot
TouchMyTinyGhosts TouchMyTinyGhosts Aug 20, 2016
Currently I just restocked on ma wattpad library and got 140 books lmaoo yasss
tima0626 tima0626 Jan 31
Fan girls be like..."gdjsushdjeiyrdhxnncjeufhcjkxjcbfjdsjthhdhhejdjjd."