Married......................TO MY STUDENT?!?!

Married......................TO MY STUDENT?!?!

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Nye By nyrine1618 Updated Nov 24, 2010

This story also takes place at the same time as the first but the main characters are different:

What happens when your step-grandfather breaks a deal made with a royal demon family?

They offer you as a sacrifice to save their own butts!?!?

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nyrine1618 nyrine1618 Nov 18, 2010
                              The first story is called: 
                              Married...To My Teacher?!?!
                              And the second story is called:
                              Married......To My Student?!?!
                              First story is about Rose & Lance
                              The Second story is about Ruby & David
laynee laynee Nov 17, 2010
different so whta is the name of the other story and are you postig it seperately to this story or are you putting them together 
nyrine1618 nyrine1618 Nov 17, 2010
They're two seperate stories that sort of clash with each other in between since they take place around the same time, in the same neighborhood and in the school.
nyrine1618 nyrine1618 Nov 17, 2010
I'm writing both I marrie dmy teach stroy one and two.
                              the first story is about Lance and Rose
                              While the second one is about a girl named Ruby and  a guy named David.
nowhereq nowhereq Nov 17, 2010
So r u re-writin te story or just changin it up a bit just 2 b clear.....nd I luv ur story don't stop writing :-D