Mommy's Boy - [Riren/Ereri]

Mommy's Boy - [Riren/Ereri]

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♥Sushi Roll and Burrito♥ By MixRou Updated Sep 14, 2017

Mama cat Eren is so tired of losing his kittens.. He wants one he gets to keep and call his own..

Fate seems to have blessed him however, when one snowy Christmas evening he finds an abandoned wolf pup... 


Note: I'm going to hell for this... I swear...

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Shizuo0Heiwajima Shizuo0Heiwajima Jun 07, 2017
See you guys there 
                              I've been meaning to go back a visit for awhile
MadIndigo MadIndigo Apr 01, 2017
Im going to Hell for rereading this
                              Oh well
                              *Grabs doritos*
                              Bitch im ready
SereneShadows SereneShadows Aug 02, 2017
Every Ereri/Riren shipper goes to hell no matter how nice they are <3
                              Satans our best friend
hoetaro hoetaro Apr 02, 2017
smh fam don't group me with y'all bc I'm going to heaven
                              I don't really feel like being tortured for all eternity lol
VirgilLikesToDance VirgilLikesToDance Jul 10, 2016
Well, I mean, Satan renounced his thrown because he thought I was 100000000000x worse
                              So now I'm officially the Yaoi King of Hell
ThiccKookies ThiccKookies Aug 09, 2016
Ah yes, and us readers who are absorbing your sinful story will go to hell too ٩(^ᴗ^)۶