Bts Jungkook Fanfic

Bts Jungkook Fanfic

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Kpop fanfiction By 0pxivix0 Updated May 23, 2017

You've been warned the story is dirty 
It will be updated


You live in Atlanta Ga and bts is coming and you have  tickets .
*your touching up your makeup before you leave your apartment for the concert*

You drive off to philps arena where the boys will be performing

At the front of the venue a lady hold tickets where you have a chance to be backstage before the concert start . your number is 1006.

You walk in and see a merch stand so you walk over and by 4 bts shirts and a wrist band 

You find your seat and they began to announce the 3 backstage winners 
They start off with the first number 256
Which was a 7 year old girl 2nd 1742  was a 16 year old boy 

" i give uh.. 
As your interupted by 1006 
You freak out and run to the lady announcing . you go with the other to winners as you say 
" nice to meet you im ________" 
You walk backstage with the man with an earpiece
You sit in the room as you get to know the 2 others 
You notice jungkook pass by and your heart drops .

GoldenMaknaesWifey97 GoldenMaknaesWifey97 Aug 13, 2017
ChimChimSmiles ChimChimSmiles Aug 27, 2017
I wouldn't have enough time to put away all my BTS stuff even my shoes are bts
- - May 11, 2016
I love how she is just going with the flow😂😂 that would be me
ParkJiminsUnderwear ParkJiminsUnderwear May 30, 2016
I wouldn't be able to handle this. My heartu and my ovaries would probably explode
Rosie_Cheeks_ Rosie_Cheeks_ Jan 10, 2017
I'm sorry for this but there needs to be a comma after to and it needs to be too srry
fruitjeon fruitjeon Aug 23, 2016
Shes lesbian she just said with a guy so she done it with a girl... Im done