Why Should Age Matter When We Have Eternity~?

Why Should Age Matter When We Have Eternity~?

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Shinaki By Shinaki-Senpai Updated Sep 21, 2017

Solaris Valerian Cullen was Renesmee Cullen's younger twin sister by a few minutes. She's mostly seen as her elder twin's opposite but most did seem to love her just as much as Renesmee. Solaris was the more timid and shy one of the twins, shying away from strangers while her sister was simply fascinated with those around her. The twins had mostly the simple things in common, such as being overwhelmingly intelligent, fun-loving, loving to read and listening to music. Where the twins differ was where Renesmee was mostly into being socially interactive, Solaris chooses to stay away from people. Despite the fact that she is shy and a rather timid person, both sisters are extremely close and have a healthily strong bond with one another and are usually never seen without one another, living peacefully with their family.

But what if one day, that peace was to be shattered by the looming threat of the Volturi? What if Solaris and Renesmee's fates were in immediate danger due to the misinformed vampires that threatened them and their precious family? As Solaris' family worked on gathering witnesses to preserve the little girls' still incoming futures, she begins to become more distant as her parents struggle to maintain her innocence. As the little girl remains distant, she piques the interest of the patriotic vampire, Garrett much to her father's dismay and protective instinct. 

But is the barely aged little girl Garrett's true mate or is it just all in Edwards's head?

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