so pretty

so pretty

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k-dogg By gr8_baebae Updated 7 days ago

Everything Taehyung did was pretty, the way he ate ice cream, the way he smiled, the way he cursed at his teachers, even the way he smelled was pretty. 

Jimin was never attracted to pretty
until he met Taehyung. And Taehyung was never told he was pretty until he met Jimin.

But unfortunately not all things can be pretty. Jimin's past actions are for starters... can cheating be an addiction?

kookyeoll kookyeoll Jul 26
as much as I ship vkook, I LOVE VMIN and they make me so so soft !
mychemicalaccount mychemicalaccount 6 days ago
Sorry if this gets any better I will die. It's too beautiful already
mychemicalaccount mychemicalaccount 6 days ago
Um author for future reference pls can you not make your fics so perfect it hurts my heart thank
mychemicalaccount mychemicalaccount 6 days ago
Me with my friends tbh and YASS I'm here for supportive Kookie
@author I think u spelled the title wrong, it doesn't have an extra b consonant at the end of the first letter. But I may be wrong, just wanted to let u know tho