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Fire Emblem Fates x Reader

Fire Emblem Fates x Reader

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╳카메론╳ By Cinderanna Updated Jul 24, 2016

Who is your favorite fire emblem fates character?
which ones make you faint, or squeal with glee?
Which ones make you wish you could actually Be married with them? 
Well with this x reader (oneshots) you can requests the one shots with your true love!

This is my very first so please enjoy!

Note: I will not be doing: Yaoi, yuri, or lemons... Sorry...

All the fanart used in this book belongs to its respectrd owners.
I do not own you nor fire emblem.
But i do own this book and all its stories!
If you see them on another site do tell!

So you a fan of Fire emblem fats well did  you play the game like me or are you just like it
AmuPshyeahVanity AmuPshyeahVanity Jun 29, 2016
In my opinion they shouldn't be. They should be in first person. Say we write a diary intery. Why would we use you to describe our selves? Same withe these. Why would we want to read you instead of I?
FEGirl FEGirl Jul 29, 2016
To answer all those questions, they lead to one answer for me...Hinata <3 I would also love it if you did a oneshot with him too with the reader please :3
SaviorArtist SaviorArtist Jul 06, 2016
Selkie and velouria, Forrest and Kiragi, and shiro and seigbert
MollySailorTriton MollySailorTriton Jul 04, 2016
I probably wasn't supposed to answer these but whatever.
                              Question 1 Answer: Azura and Shigure 
                              Question 2 Answer: Percy/Lutz 
                              Question 3 Answer: Leo and Takumi
FandomCadet FandomCadet Mar 21, 2016
                              I WRITE FE:F X READER
                              LET'S BE FRIENDS