Smut || BTS

Smut || BTS

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"Fuck me until this couch is covered with cum!" // wanna read smut like this. Well you've come to the right place! 

Warning: If you are a baby and can't handle mature content don't read this.

Fuck off.

Aww what a-
                              *read comments*
                              Fck fck fck fck noooo! EXPENSIVE GU--
                              DIM THE LIGHTS!
Bruh he ripped the underwear?
                              Awh man that's my favourite underwear
                              BTW you,are a god of destruction,
                              You owe me an underwear man
                              Not a regular underwear,but
                              My favourite underwear
Wait, if you going to do it, wouldn't there be any security camera there
Well, in Korea, the walls are normally paper thin. But then again I live in an apartment, so. .
*expensive girl starts playing*
                              oh no not agai- DIM THE LIGHTS NOW GIRL
Tight woman hole? 
                              You sure it's still tight after 2838198374 of s,ex you have been experienced with RapMon?