I Don't Want Anyone But You {Bill X Dipper Fan-Fic}

I Don't Want Anyone But You {Bill X Dipper Fan-Fic}

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Gabriela By GabyTheOtakuu Completed

Hello. My name is Dipper Pines.
I'm now 20 years old now, I have been keeping tabs on the journals and continuing great uncle ford's research Until one day... Bill comes back! But something is off, he's human now!

Now I must stop him from taking over the world once more. He's gotten nicer tho... Could he really still want to kill us all? He's been a little too nice for comfort...

Once more Wendy comes back but that causes trouble for all of us, Especially Bill. I don't know why he gets so mad? Wendy is just a friend... Right?! And is this really the real Wendy?!

Book status: Completed

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I THOUGHT THEY BURNED?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Maybe Dipstick made his own? Hehe
BILL WELCOME TO THE KÎRSÛ POPPERS CLUB ( cherry poppers in Latvian)
Me when my friends ask if I have my dignity me: well you see... it got lost when read fanfics until 4:AM
Its okie Bill! Just bend him! Then he won't be straight anymore!
I swear to Jesus if bill is talking about my trench coat child Castiel. I will kill bill.
Roses are prickly holy freckled Jesus that escalated quickly