Demon, Human, Brother

Demon, Human, Brother

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Flame By DragonFlame909 Updated Aug 31, 2017

(Cover Drawn By Me)

It Depends On Magic
And The Ones You Love
The Bad Turned Good
And Those You Trust

After a boring school year Dipper and Mabel pines finally return to gravity falls. Everything seems to be going great. They saw their grunkles who now get along great, they hung out with Wendy and the others, Soos is working hard as the new man of mystery, and they got to be with their old monster friends too. 

     Suddenly everything goes through a huge turn of events. When Dipper arrives at gravity falls he begins to feel funny and he starts to experience changes. Every night he has nightmares and what's worse is that bill is in each and every one of them. Mabel starts to worry and tries to help, but everything changes one unfortunate night.

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Okay let's just stop right there dipper my brothers not evil he was going threw something second HES NIT EVIL HE MISUNDERSTOOD PINES*walks away*
Boom33713 Boom33713 Apr 29, 2017
The only really scary nightmare I can remember had a 'grim reaper' of sorts, and I saw blood everywhere and the reaper cut a circle out of some guys chest, but I saw things in another guy who got killed POV.
-_GEEKanime_- -_GEEKanime_- Jan 07, 2017
I HAD A DREAM LIKE THAT AND IT SCARED THE LIVING CRAP OUT OF ME!!! All I could do was whisper, and my door was locked. I don't even have a lock on my door.... I was locked in my room with 2 dark figures I couldn't identify. It was wired...
elizabethjordan43 elizabethjordan43 Sep 26, 2016
Mabey instead of the flames hitting his chest Mabey in the right eye
ChrisGrimmster ChrisGrimmster Aug 22, 2016
This super amazing i love everything about it! ill keep reading this one for sure!
Kokichi-chan Kokichi-chan Jan 05, 2017
This is me. 
                              I always have nightmare for some reason is really creepy