Paper Mache (TBF SEQUEL)

Paper Mache (TBF SEQUEL)

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a By allyrwilliams Updated Sep 23, 2016


"We're sort of like paper mache."

"You'll say anything to be apart of my life again, won't you?" 

They both felt as if their lives were put on pause when Elsie jetted off to Africa to chase her dreams, leaving behind the only boy she ever loved to put his life back together without her. Now she's back to start anew but when she runs into him on an innocent stroll through her home town after months of being away, everything flips upside down again. 

The question is, will they be able to overlook everything that happened in the past to face the obstacles that are ahead? 

© allyrwilliams 2016 All Rights Reserved. (#78 in Fanfiction)

(Cover made by @JonasKryptonite)

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JJ_Queen12 JJ_Queen12 Nov 17, 2017
Colton Haynes is ugly asf. What are y'all bitches raving about?
Skimbo1994 Skimbo1994 Nov 08, 2017
I think I'm gonna throw up.  My heart is in my throat making me gag.
francisoconnell francisoconnell Aug 25, 2017
for a sec i thought it was from harry and i was gonna have to cry again
larryasf15 larryasf15 Jun 03, 2016
I dont have an iphone wtf how will i read it now.😢                                     *goes and cries in corner of room*
Xxdoutchexx Xxdoutchexx Jun 02, 2016
If so I might not even start reading this , because I know I'll want to read more
annmariemaximeamik annmariemaximeamik Jul 30, 2016
                              @allyrwilliams I support you and all but you know, im broke af.. I dont have an iphone soooooo i was wondering when the app's gonna be availabke on android????