The Alpha King

The Alpha King

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Violet Santiago By VioletSantiago Updated Jun 23


Matthew Reynolds is a Alpha. Not just any Alpha but the Alpha of all Alphas. Everyone fears him not only because of his dark past, but also because of his dark present. He is know to be a cruel ruthless leader and if you so dare look at him wrong he will snap your neck in a second.

Alexandra Greene is an omega, which in her pack basically means slave. She wasn't born an omega, her biological father is the Alpha of her pack. The reason her rank was ripped away from her was because of her father, he always hated her due to her mother dying while giving birth to her. He was fine keeping his hatred inside but as soon as he realized that she wasn't a regular wolf, that she was a runt he not only disowned her, but also neglected and abused her. 

What happens when Matthew comes for a visit to check on the pack and he stumbles upon Alexandra? Will he save her from her horrid life or let her rot to death?

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  • alpha
  • broken
  • king
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Well he looks like an overgrown baby with muscles so imma not imagine him looking like that
For some reason I saw a baby face and then them muscles... It's so weird
White man with big muscles and a lot of tattoos, He definitely for me 😂
andrianae andrianae Oct 12, 2016
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- - Sep 07, 2016
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