One and only...

One and only...

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All these thing describe the savior of Olympus

All thanks to the two new campers, Mandy Bolen daughter of Ares and  Justin McOke son of Aphrodite 

Friends. Stolen.

Campers. Scarred me.

Parents. Killed.

Annabeth hurt the most. I loved her. Yes I said loved. I have someone new, even after she came begging back. She shattered me like glass.

I only have the gods now. I ran hoping to find a better life. I ran and ran recalling the past events. And then I saw someone who I thought I would never see again...

Pertemis!! 3 books in my series... I pretty sure I'm not a balding fat Gabe-ish walrus troll so I don't own PJO and HOO

(Ps: I also not a middle aged Writer from Britain so I don't own Harry Potter either. If you read this far I will give you noodles and black nail polish)

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Of course that is what the mission is I definitely don't think it was a quest to find the worlds largest blue cookie
shadow132q shadow132q Aug 26
Hahaha oh oh my gods to funny😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣
DatGuy1738 DatGuy1738 Apr 15
Aaaaaargh! I don't know what I like better. Pertemis or Percabeth. I just read a teen pregnancy Percabeth book, but before have been binging on pertemis. I then realized how good Percabeth is. I just don't know anymore. Btw I'm a boy. YES BOYS CAN BE INTRESTED IN ROMANCE BOOKS! Sexist mo**erf***ers.
It's like mission impossible but with the object being Artemis in love
Illuminati confirmed I just realised that there are 3 silibles in Pertemis and three sides to a triangle and the eye of Janu resides in a triangel and the eye has three lashes two on top and one on bottom there for iluminatti confirmed
JonathonS JonathonS Jul 04
I wanted to strangle somebody they kept me on the hanger till the end