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One and only...

One and only...

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Artemis By ArtemisOlympus Completed




All these thing describe the savior of Olympus

All thanks to the two new campers, Mandy Bolen daughter of Ares and  Justin McOke son of Aphrodite 

Friends. Stolen.

Campers. Scarred me.

Parents. Killed.

Annabeth hurt the most. I loved her. Yes I said loved. I have someone new, even after she came begging back. She shattered me like glass.

I only have the gods now. I ran hoping to find a better life. I ran and ran recalling the past events. And then I saw someone who I thought I would never see again...

Pertemis!! 3 books in my series... I pretty sure I'm not a balding fat Gabe-ish walrus troll so I don't own PJO and HOO

(Ps: I also not a middle aged Writer from Britain so I don't own Harry Potter either. If you read this far I will give you noodles and black nail polish)

KaMCE123 KaMCE123 Jan 22
Comment 101, Welcome to class everybody, today we will learn to comment the 101st comment
SSJ4rocks SSJ4rocks Aug 30, 2016
OMG IM CRYING😂😂😂😂😂 Τηατσ σο πυκινγ ηυννυ
DylanMak211 DylanMak211 Dec 07, 2016
Aphrodite, he can make more than one type of makey-stuffy talent right? *wiggles eyebrows
Caleo23 Caleo23 May 20, 2016
NO! Not the most awesome person, besides me of course! Not perce!
missmysterious56 missmysterious56 Jul 23, 2016
Makey stuffy???
                              Also what FREAKING MISSION?????
Nenest66 Nenest66 3 days ago
Yo pay up I read that far I get noodles and black nail polish. (Btw I think it would look FABULOUS on me)