All But Perfect: Under cover lives revealed {update coming soon}

All But Perfect: Under cover lives revealed {update coming soon}

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Auramaze By aura_maze Updated Apr 26, 2016

Discover the girl behind the mask. 

Elayne just started at a new school. Though life at home isn't  exactly pleasant, her quirky, sarcastic personality gets her through most days. But under every mask is a real person and she's not the only one in disguise.  Who knew her lil ole life would unravel into a boatload of  love, hate, lies and betrayal..... maybe even *dun dunn dunnn* MURDER. Who would do such a thing? Read to enter her twisted life. 
FEAR NOT, it's not all sappy. plenty of normal teen drama.  lalalala
And I'm Logan, get to know my sexy self. *takes off shirt*

GTFO Logan -_- you'll meet this guy in the book :p

(only mature because of language)

  • betrayal
  • death
  • romance
  • teen
xsilverwindx xsilverwindx Mar 01, 2016
I really like the first chapter! I like how you give each character a distinct personality. (I'm starting to really hate Laura :P) Oh and you forgot to capitalize 'Nurse Kate' at one point. Anyways, really awesome job!
AinslieMaconachie AinslieMaconachie Feb 29, 2016
I was like woah stereotype much then I saw the brackets and completely agreed based on experience 😂
- - Feb 25, 2016
Yeah I have to agree with @CharleyV about this chapter not being short. It was definitely a decent sized chapter so good job. The story itself interest me, and I like the way you write. Not bad soldier. Not bad at all.
did_I_just_say_that did_I_just_say_that Feb 28, 2016
A little confusing with all of the characters, but maybe it's just my preference to introduce characters rreeeaaalll sslllooowww. XD
                              Apart from that, fantastic! Can't wait for more!!!
CharleyV CharleyV Feb 25, 2016
It wasnt short at all. Good writing. Just got a bit lost in the nurse Kate and Natasha exchange.
AinslieMaconachie AinslieMaconachie Feb 29, 2016
This is amazing! I love it. It flowed really well and I'm already hooked