Falling In Love With Seto Kaiba's Daughter (Yugioh GX Fanfiction)

Falling In Love With Seto Kaiba's Daughter (Yugioh GX Fanfiction)

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Jazmine Venecia By JazzyVenecia46 Updated Nov 13

Skylar Kaiba is the daughter of the one and only Seto Kaiba, the second greatest duelist in the world of Duel Monsters. She has a dragon/warrior/spellcaster deck, with the three mighty Blue Eyes White Dragons in it and Egyptian God cards in it.

One day, she returns to Duel Academy after helping her father out with KaibaCorp for the last 9 months. She gets reunited with her friends and is happy when seeing them.

There's one little glitch, though.

As time passes, she develops feelings for both Chazz and Jesse. She gets confused on which one she wants to be with,since she doesn't want to hurt them. What will Skylar do? Will she choose the one who's her best friend or the one she thought she held a grudge against?

Chazz x Oc x Jesse

Is Skyler a personal character of yours? I'm curious, what made you wanna put your personal character of yours online? are you not afraid someone will steal her?