step brother /malum/ ✔️

step brother /malum/ ✔️

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🌧kms🌧 By dontfightthefeelsman Completed

"What is a little princess like you doing posting such dirty things?" Calum asked and Michael shrugged "words" Calum reminded him 

"I don't know, Calum" he whispered looking innocent 

"Call me daddy" Calum whispered in his ear and walked out of the guest room

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Is michael a girl?Im confused,because the whriter whrite "He" when he talked about michael.
marvelheir marvelheir Mar 29
Whoa are they gonna do the do ? Isn’t that too fast or am i just having a dirty mind ?
xAnimeKingx xAnimeKingx Apr 30
Wow wow wow, hold up
                              Lemme get my eyes tested cuz I read skirt
                              Do I sense a cross dresser? My trap ways are tingling
ooflyfe ooflyfe Apr 03
Wait is Micheal wearing a skirt? I don't have a problem with it, just confused