My Possessive Mate

My Possessive Mate

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Rahela By MidnightWolfDream Updated Sep 14

I woke up to find myself lying on the cold forest floor. The only lights I had was the moon, but it wasn't much. The clouds and branches half covered the dim light of the full moon. Even the stars were barley visible. 

I got up on my knees and sat on my heels, shivering. From fear or from the cold? I don't really know. Perhaps both. 

I looked down at my trembling hands. Dry crimson blood coated them. Even my hair was streaked with drying blood. My blood stained jeans had shreds on them, exposing my scarred skin. 

I looked up and gasped when I saw what else lied on the cold forest floor. 

I tried to keep it together, but I felt a sob escape me. How could I have done something like this? How could I have not remembered? 

There, in the darkness of the cold forest, as the wolves began to howl, I covered my face with my blood stained palms and cried, letting the haunting and yet beautiful howls drown me.


After a tsunami broke out in her home California, Alison Peterson moved to her grandpa's ranch in Wisconsin, leaving behind her old life. 

The ranch is partly surrounded my the woods that no one dared to enter. Strange things had been happening in the darkness of the forest, and soon, Alison finds herself involved with the creatures of the dark forest.

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