The Bridge (Ereri/ Riren)

The Bridge (Ereri/ Riren)

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TitanKilerGaySwimmer By The_Silent_Writer63 Updated Mar 25, 2016

{This story contains self harm}

Erens life has always been shit. His parents didn't care about how horrible his life was, in fact. They beat him.

His sister, Mikasa, had just left for college, and there was no one to protect him from the constant torment he received at home and at school and more.

 One night, Eren decides to give his life by jumping off of a bridge into the icy river below. 

But someone saves him, and after this encounter, Eren finds something to fight for.

                              Fans: oh it's eyebrows
                              Fans:omg it's shitty glasses *inhuman noises*
IUkookieL IUkookieL Jul 06
NOOOO  MY EREN BABY! I'm here for you! I'll protect you, give you love and company😭😭💕
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I only went in the comments to see if anyone said something about free
I wore an outfit that was mostly black by coincidence the day I had a therapists appointment and he told me I must be depressed and cut myself because I wore black. I never went back there
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AND IF YOU FEEL YOURE SINKING I WILL JUMP RUGHT OVER INTO COLD COLD WATER FOR YOU (I hate Justin Bieber, but the nightcore of that song was bloody amazing)
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Levi don't give two flying FUCCS. Tried to kill yourself? FUCC YOU I WANT MEH DINNER