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Haruhi's Older Sister

Haruhi's Older Sister

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Alicia By aliciadragneel325 Updated Jul 14

"Mari Get up!" Haruhi yelled at the girl underneath the covers. "Noooooo ten more minutes." The girl mumbled out. "Do you really want to be late to school?" Haruhi asked while ripping the covers off said girl. "HARUHI!" Mari yelled with widened eyes. "Yes?" Haruhi asked with fake innocence. "Don't do that ever again!" Mari yelled at her as Haruhi throw the yellow dress that was the school uniform. "Haruhi, ITS YOUR FIRST DAY AT HIGH SCHOOL WITH ME!" Mari yelled and started to jump up and down. Haruhi looked at her with a deadpanned look. "Explain to me how you got into Ouran again sis." Haruhi stated and continued to get ready. "silly Haruhi. I'm top of my class girl wise other then that it goes Mitsukuni, Takashi, then me." Mari said in a serious voice. And with that both girls were out the door and heading to Ouran High School. Ouran High School Is a elite school for the rich. Now your probably wondering how the two girls got into this school. I guess the only way to know now is to read. Hope you enjoy it.

Mari mari Mari Mari Mari!! *shakes head* why did you have to put that out into the universe??
Angelfire_113 Angelfire_113 Sep 26, 2016
BASSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.........*clears throat* my voice is officially dead As if voice acting as Lizzie for five hours wasn't enough to murder my vocal cords
aliciadragneel325 aliciadragneel325 Jul 30, 2016
It explains itself in later paragraphs or chapter I forgot which
aliciadragneel325 aliciadragneel325 Sep 14, 2016
I'm happy everyone is getting that Kyoya is seriously Sebastian
I wish it were that easy for teachers to shut kids up in my classes
kenedy_elisabeth kenedy_elisabeth Jul 30, 2016
is there anyone else with their heads in gutters with this paragraph