Art stuff idk. Maybe too much undertale

Art stuff idk. Maybe too much undertale

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I am Peculiar By pandaherryman Updated 4 days ago

Just some artworks mostly about undertale and Undertale Ocs.

I do accept request, but i tend to be picky.

But I'm closing request for a while now.

                              THAT DUCKING IS SO AUSJGSQJSVQJHS HOT
fuyumi2015 fuyumi2015 Jun 02
Help, i think I've been staring at the drawing for like...10 minutes i think?????
                              Jeez, someoNE PINCH ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!! @//A//@
I'm pretty sHORE (sorry pls) that @Neon-the-Ghost-Fox would enjoy this :)
- - May 14
Oh my, is it getting hot in here? Damn, your human Sans is sexy as hell. Well done! :3
Gaster Papyrus? Idk it's like a black and white underfell Papyrus.
fuyumi2015 fuyumi2015 Jun 02
Wow, papyrus looks awesome! :D
                              And i just ate spaghetti today.
                              HUEHUEHUE ÒuÓ