Dorm 100 // The 100 AU

Dorm 100 // The 100 AU

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College is the new beginning for recent high school grads. Follow roommates Lexa and Clarke and their friends as they max out the college experience.


09 Mar 2016 - 09 May 2016

  • abby
  • bellamy
  • bellarke
  • blake
  • clarke
  • clexa
  • finn
  • griffin
  • heda
  • jasper
  • lexa
  • lincoln
  • linctavia
  • monty
  • octavia
  • raven
  • the100
  • titus
  • wanheda
MaddiePerry3 MaddiePerry3 5 days ago
I love these clexa fics with the comment section y'all are funny af
lol mood ^ i’m guilty bc i’m taking it as my pre-law. lame i know i know hahaha but i lowkey felt related to them huehuehue
heyits_nick heyits_nick Sep 24
This reminds me of the scene, where she says “you’re the one who burned 300 of my warriors alive”
^ feel ya all buddies, I just finished watching a 4 hours long video with every lexa moments in the show...and now I really need something to get over it all😭😭😭
idk why we do it y’all. sometimes i just start from s02e06 to see lexa and binge from there on (skipping the parts where they show jaha and mt. weather). in about 2 hours i get to s03e07 and i just want to do it all over again. I NEVER GET OVER IT. gah!
hugslauren hugslauren Dec 01
i got so excited for lexa even tho i knew it didn’t sound like her LMAO