The Secret Original *WARNING is going under major editing*

The Secret Original *WARNING is going under major editing*

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Laura By Starlight104 Completed

People don't know what I am, you won't be able to tell, you won't see me coming until it is too late.


For people mistaken me for a kind, bubbly, sweet, 12 year old girl, I am the least person you will expect to commit a crime, a crime that is no where near human, a crime that people ALWAYS put down as an animal attack for they are too afraid of finding out the truth.

For I am a vampire, an original in fact, I was the first to die and I was the last to officially become one.

You will not want me or need me, until your life is at stake for I play God for when it comes to the people die by my siblings hands. People who betray my family and want to make amends, I decided whether they live or not, no one else, it has been this way for a thousand years now.

However this all changes where I have to go back to the place where it all began, the place that haunts me the most, the place where I was murdered by my own father, Mystic Falls

My name is Amora Mikaelson, and I am the youngest original, my past has defined me, this is who I am, I am unseen and I am unheard and you will never see me coming.

*Disclaimer I do not own TVD sadly but Amora, Charlotte, Jace and the rest of the made up characters that you see in this book are MINE*

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noodlesrforpoodles noodlesrforpoodles Aug 06, 2017
Says I miss them all equally
                              Names who she misses the most
                              Me to
ScarletHeartL ScarletHeartL Apr 26, 2017
Wide awake wide awake wide awake don't cry 
                              Wide awake wide awake wide awake wide awake no lie ~
                              Maybe I , I can never fly ~
                              Jin (BTS ) - Awake
BooblyBear BooblyBear Jul 31, 2015
blood sharing is very personal... makes this ten times cuter
KirstenHale KirstenHale Nov 01, 2014
In the first diary entry I know what you mean by the first few sentences I have felt that way recently!!!!
KirstenHale KirstenHale Oct 30, 2014
So far I've only read the intro and I already love it. I'm hooked I want to read it and I already know the rest of the book will be just as great!!
Starlight104 Starlight104 Jun 24, 2013
@PossibilityLoved hahah, this was from season 2 when Damon kills him