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Myrnin's Baby - Will be deleted 4/24!!!!

Myrnin's Baby - Will be deleted 4/24!!!!

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EmelineRousselot By EmelineRousselot Completed

I purred, "Now, where were we? Oh yes, that's right...your favorite positions."

"What?!" she squeaked. "We weren't talking about my favorite positions!"

I continued as if she hadn't said anything, opening the book to a painting of a woman sprawled on a wooden table, her hair splayed out wantonly around her naked form, while her gentlemen friend clearly enjoyed the taste of her pussy.

I traced the woman's body with my finger, and my voice dropped, "I could recommend a few I think you might enjoy. This one, for example, is quite pleasurable for both of them. The taste of a woman's body is a delicacy meant to be savored with slow indulgence licks, thoroughly exploring her flesh. Until she is writhing helplessly beneath him, her fingers tangled in his hair, holding his head between her legs, to keep him where she wants him, and bucking her hips-until his face is covered in her wet heat."

Claire inhaled sharply. Her chest heaved as she tried to discreetly control her rapid breathing. I wasn't sure if she even noticed, but my hand had found its way under the book and was massaging her inner thigh softly, moving closing and closer to her center.

I continued whispering in her ear, "At which point, he knows what she wants, what she might even be begging for, and he thrusts his tongue deep inside her, his teeth nipping and rubbing her clit until-"

Suddenly, she scrambled to her feet and practically bolted to the kitchenette. The door to the refrigerator opened and closed, as she hastily extracted a bottle of water. She twisted the top open, muttering under her breath, "It's so freaking hot in here today."

A wicked grin spread across my face, I was going to make it a hundred times hotter very soon. 

A/N-Since this is a fanfic, you will find similar characters to my other Clyrnin's; however, this story is NOT related to any of my other works, so you do not to have to read it in a particular order. 

I do not own Morganville Vampires, just the plot to this tale.

Rere088 Rere088 Mar 26
I read the Morganville series so l enjoy seeing alternate version of it.
Cutewithoute321 Cutewithoute321 a day ago
Its only Tuesday, I CAN DO THIS!
Gamoralastalliance Gamoralastalliance Mar 11, 2016
I like that he smells like brilliance. I wonder if I smell like that 🤔
Jazor50 Jazor50 Feb 22
Omg someone open a window in that lab it's too hot and isn't this only the second page!?!
Gamoralastalliance Gamoralastalliance Mar 11, 2016
I think it is safe to say they don't need erotica, liquor, or any other aphrodisiac ... the sexual tension in the room is high enough...