Myrnin's Baby {Myrnin & Claire} Morganville Vampires

Myrnin's Baby {Myrnin & Claire} Morganville Vampires

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EmelineRousselot By EmelineRousselot Updated Sep 14

When an innocent experiment goes wrong, Claire and Myrnin have a one night stand that neither can remember. After it becomes obvious the baby she is carrying cannot be Shane's and the truth is revealed, it may be too late because some choices cannot be undone. But Myrnin is never more dangerous than when he is protecting those he loves. 

Note - Mature Content Warning.  It has VERY graphic sexual content and adult language. 

Hello Peaches!  This is a fanfic of MV, however it is a stand alone book, meaning you DON'T have to be familiar with the MV series to follow and enjoy the story.  So, if you have read my original works and want more, I highly recommend you check out my fanfics because each is an intense vampire romance.

Since this is a fanfic, you will find similar characters to my other Clyrnin's; however, this story is NOT related to any of my other works, so you do not to have to read it in a particular order. 

I do not own Morganville Vampires, just the plot to this tale.

I like that he smells like brilliance. I wonder if I smell like that 🤔
I think it is safe to say they don't need erotica, liquor, or any other aphrodisiac ... the sexual tension in the room is high enough...