Finally (A USUK fanfiction)

Finally (A USUK fanfiction)

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The Worst By Magical_Moron Updated Mar 12

Arthur Kirkland is an average human. He, like everyone else, has a special necklace. It's supposed to get warmer the closest you get to the one you are destined to be with. Although, his seems... off. No matter what direction he goes in, it doesn't seem much warmer. He's about to give up on it, admit defeat and say he is destined to be alone.

Until it suddenly feels warm.

(This is a Hetalia USUK Fanfiction AU where everyone, once born, has a necklace that heats up when they get closer to their soulmate)

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*would be very offended if people stopped reading because of that sentence*
That would be so cool if we actually had those necklaces that be like awesome!!!!!
Zrhllo Zrhllo Nov 11
What would happen if your necklace warmed up near your soul mate but the other's necklace just stayed cold.
hazelnut-howell hazelnut-howell Jul 31, 2016
I remember reading an AU about this on a tumblr post, I tried writing one and failed miserably yours will be a lot better than my attempt
- - Sep 04, 2016
Me's gonna read it--even though I don't like USUK that much—
BoredomGuah BoredomGuah May 27, 2016
Why wouldn't I read this? And anyway you seem cool id love to read what you have to write no matter how "bad" it is in your mind (to be frank it really isn't bad) bye!! And please stop putting your work down thanks and bye!!! (Again)