Dragon Mating Season(COMPLETED)

Dragon Mating Season(COMPLETED)

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JumpyJules By JumpyJules Updated Apr 09, 2017

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-Ok, so lots of people have written this kinds of books about Fairytail, but who cares? Am i right?-
(I also don't own fairytail or the characters in here except for Nellie Amush, I made her myself)

Dragon Mating Season is where all dragons, and dragon slayers, try to find mates and mark them. The season lasts for a month. Can Fairytail keep the Dragon Slayers away from their mates, or will people get hurt?


Alec_The_Grasshole Alec_The_Grasshole Jul 06, 2017
Happy eating cooked fish??? Next thing you know, Natsu is going to start thinking😰
it should probably be  "but" because if you read it, it  doesn't make sense if it says,"Well, I'm sorry if Natsu didn't make me any breakfast." It should be "Well, I'm sorry but, Natsu didn't make me any breakfast." Just saying...
AarmauLifeFairyTail AarmauLifeFairyTail May 28, 2017
I'm sorry. But I can't keep reading this. I hate when people use their own characters. And I hat that now she is a fire dragon slayer. I am sorry. There was no hate intended. Sorry
- - Jul 19, 2017
* is thinking at the time * My french fries ......My french fries
Rune_ETA Rune_ETA Jun 29
BubblyShip BubblyShip Nov 12, 2017
Oh god there's so many views on my old book on my old account. I APOLOGIZE FOR ALL OF THE CRINGE