Dragon Mating Season(COMPLETED)

Dragon Mating Season(COMPLETED)

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JumpyJules By JumpyJules Updated Apr 09, 2017

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-Ok, so lots of people have written this kinds of books about Fairytail, but who cares? Am i right?-
(I also don't own fairytail or the characters in here except for Nellie Amush, I made her myself)

Dragon Mating Season is where all dragons, and dragon slayers, try to find mates and mark them. The season lasts for a month. Can Fairytail keep the Dragon Slayers away from their mates, or will people get hurt?


Alec_The_Grasshole Alec_The_Grasshole Jul 06, 2017
Happy eating cooked fish??? Next thing you know, Natsu is going to start thinking😰
AarmauLifeFairyTail AarmauLifeFairyTail May 28, 2017
I'm sorry. But I can't keep reading this. I hate when people use their own characters. And I hat that now she is a fire dragon slayer. I am sorry. There was no hate intended. Sorry
fairygirl1254 fairygirl1254 Jul 19, 2017
* is thinking at the time * My french fries ......My french fries
BubblyShip BubblyShip Nov 12, 2017
Oh god there's so many views on my old book on my old account. I APOLOGIZE FOR ALL OF THE CRINGE
Rayne110 Rayne110 Apr 22, 2017
U know every time happy says that Lucy doesn't deny it 🙃🤔
fairygirl1254 fairygirl1254 Jul 19, 2017
Nellie acts like me but the only diffrence is I wouldn't have noticed I hit someone xD