The Streetfighter Stole the Badboy's Seat

The Streetfighter Stole the Badboy's Seat

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Stealing a seat, getting on the Badboys bad side, and almost exposing a secret to a class was not exactly how Kirsten had planned to start her first day at a new school.

Being embarrassed in front of the class by an annoying, confident, yet intriguing and alluring new girl was not how Alex Packlon wanted to start the day. The leader of The Pack ( I know creative name) didn't want his leadership questioned and this girl wasn't helping.

With secrets, sarcastic comments, glares, and something neither will admit rolled together can the two learn to tolerate each other or something more.....

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Highest Rank: #72 in romance (April something) 

#32 in romance (4/19/16)

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itsRainyHour itsRainyHour Aug 01, 2017
I read "sparkling red hair and flowing blue eyes" and I was like wait back up flowing what now
Thank gosh and all the others stories I read I'm like "OMG why another nerd in disguise book" but I read them anyways
Oceanmoana Oceanmoana Jan 23
Thank goodness, I’m so tired of all the cliche nerd books!
xXDivergentLoverXx xXDivergentLoverXx Jul 31, 2017
Thank god she isn't a nerd. The last 5 I've read had someone as a undercover nerd.
xxkrisyxxx xxkrisyxxx Jan 18
Shut the front door Alex is the name of the dude in my book that I'm currently writing lol😂 we should get food together
spify_angel spify_angel Jul 09, 2017
I spilt my best friends Starbucks all over this guy cuz he called her a slut. Besides the Starbucks had expired milk in it so it came out chunky.