Shadow of the Wolf ||Tokyo Ghoul ||

Shadow of the Wolf ||Tokyo Ghoul ||

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Qualified Huntress By _MidnightRose_ Updated Jan 20

*Rewritten under "The Phantom of Tokyo"* 

"Beware the Big, Bad Wolf..... If you don't, you'll soon regret it with your life...." 

Beware the Wolf. She is a predator, feasting for blood and flesh of ghoul and human alike. She will stalk you with her eyes, nothing like those of her ghoul brethren. Instead of the blood red, a blazing gold contrasts against the shadows of an abyss she calls home. Her own personal light in the dark. 

Stained with blood of thousands, both ghouls and humans, she is considered a monster in the world of humans and those of her own kind. 

But it's this cruel worlds fault. They lit the match under a sleeping beast, one they condemned because they can no longer control it. 

- Rated mature 

© Tokyo Ghoul | Sui Ishida   

© Shadow of the Wolf | _MidnightRose_

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