Sisters [book one]

Sisters [book one]

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Haley has social anxiety disorder. After taking a year out of the education system to be home-schooled, she's back as a junior. While she's not ready to take on the world as one might expect, she - at least - wants a fresh start. She knows that she's not the prettiest girl at her new school and by no means popular.

Her life takes an unexpected turn when her sister winds up in hospital with an injury that not even the doctors can fix. Will Haley make it to the end of the year without the support of her older sister to show her the way?

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Cover by @TheStyclarSaga

Teen Fiction: #52
Finished: 14/12/13
Edited: 23/12/14
Featured: 22/4/15

ZomBFox ZomBFox Nov 08
Tbh she has a better life then me. Traveling to Australia girl mm I wanna come. Take me with you next timee
I live in Alberts Canada and we only have one and its in my city love their food so good it might be different from the USA's version.
ZomBFox ZomBFox Nov 08
The only time I went to olive garden was a while ago and I asked for some ranch dressing and they gave me like ketchup. Then I wanted a refill and they got me something completely different, it was like I think tea? I wanted water
                              2 stars
Talia_Brandeis Talia_Brandeis 5 days ago
Im in Ohio and I don't really know why but just seeing that they're there just makes me happy!
ZomBFox ZomBFox Nov 08
Legit my mom. Every time she is the only one that forgets the family rule with me. The rule is "do not EVER ask Angelina. Penelope. And max questions in a row" bcus we get agitated by it lmao ugh I hate it
I fear that if I kill a spider the family will smell me and come find me while im sleeping