May's Cover Shop

May's Cover Shop

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May By MayTijssen Updated 5 days ago

May is a graphic and interior design student who works professionally on a freelance basis. She specializes in book cover design, but also does corporate design and is the product designer for a Dutch poet.

May is in need of money to buy food, books and clothes (and a new computer because her laptop has no storage left). Help May get through the winter and commission her today.

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thehoneyhive thehoneyhive Nov 27, 2017
Can you please share how you got the font and the effects for it in the cover page of this book? Like how it looks like it lights up. 💕
Claudia_Witter Claudia_Witter May 02, 2016
Sounds interesting. I'd love to see a dark, twisted Rapunzel. c:
HermioneForever HermioneForever May 03, 2016
I am so excited for this!! But I need to go catch up in The Knight of Gold first. :). Plus I'm finally starting to work on my stories :)
Arlantis Arlantis May 02, 2016
OUAT <3333 #captainswannforlife xD
                              I'm gonna read it if its online! :D I like the idea so much :')
ShamelesslyImperfect ShamelesslyImperfect May 02, 2016
Holy mother of books this sounds sooooo cool!!! I absolutely can't wait for this!! Summer seems so far away now :(
-bluenoser -bluenoser May 02, 2016
I wanna read it so bad! XD
                              (but I still gotta get to reading The Knight of Gold because for some reason Monica is procrastinating hard)