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The Master's Pet (GirlxGirl)

The Master's Pet (GirlxGirl)

2.4M Reads 47.2K Votes 49 Part Story
Luna By TheMoonlightPoet Completed

A new world has begun where humans were no longer at the top. The vampires have taken over and have put everyone else at the bottom. Hatspehut and her older brother Odin end up being captured and sold into slavery as body guards for the vampires. Hatspehut quickly decides that she will not be anyone's slave and plots to escape. Will her plans go up in flames when she meets her new master, or will her wolf sprit tell her to run?

Note: This is MY story which was vaguely inspired by the Romanov Princess book that I read ONCE. It gave me VERY basic ideas to create my own book. I contributed my own ideas and added werewolves with new twist and characters. You might read and find similarities but I do hope you enjoy.

A tip from me: Don't read a book just for the sake of reading it. Read to understand why it was written and reflect on what and who the characters are.

VicBvb VicBvb Dec 18, 2016
Wag......u happy 😕😕.(my dog wag when she's happy soo yeah )
coocookachoo4132 coocookachoo4132 Mar 04, 2016
I'm sorry but I don't understand the whole "my wolf" deal. Is she a separate entity watching her wolf body from above or something or are you just saying that because you don't know any other way to put it?
Blackmoon378 Blackmoon378 Nov 25, 2016
This is literally the only book I've re-read and I am going to continue to re-read it.
SoWhat_If SoWhat_If Nov 20, 2016
I actually Googled how to pronounce it and it sounds like 'Hats-p-hut', the 'e' barely noticeable.
IceBeast21 IceBeast21 Dec 03, 2016
I've reread this probably like 5 times now but how do you exactly pronounce saryia's name?
80stephie08 80stephie08 Oct 28, 2016
i can't read her name proper! ok Hats from now on.. 1st time to read this.. and i love Romanov Princess book, my fave of all.. look forward to this.. 😁😁😁