The Master's Pet (GirlxGirl)

The Master's Pet (GirlxGirl)

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Luna By TheMoonlightPoet Completed

A new world has begun where humans were no longer at the top. The vampires have taken over and have put everyone else at the bottom. Hatspehut and her older brother Odin end up being captured and sold into slavery as body guards for the vampires. Hatspehut quickly decides that she will not be anyone's slave and plots to escape. Will her plans go up in flames when she meets her new master, or will her wolf sprit tell her to run?
First written in the summer of 2013.

A tip from me: Don't read a book just for the sake of reading it. Read to understand why it was written and reflect on what and who the characters are.

Note: There are many stories like this out there on the web, but this one is mine. If you see similarities then you see them. It is not necessary for you to say it in the comments because I already know. We all take inspiration from somewhere. Just because two genius writers have the same idea does not mean that one copied from the other or vise versa. It just means we are geniuses. Be mindful and respectful of writers because we all put in our best efforts to give you amazing stories. These are our creations and we adore them. Please keep that in mind.

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testing_Account_1234 testing_Account_1234 Dec 20, 2017
The Egyptian pharaoh* they called themself a man and wore a fake beard, kinda like cleopatra.
Trixiefireball Trixiefireball Jun 25, 2017
Reminds me of black Butler when ciel was a sex lour to the pervert guy
Seeing_Stars_ Seeing_Stars_ Jun 02, 2017
She's talking about her inner wolf because she can feel her and her inner wolf can see, smell, feel, etc. everything she does.
pops_kawaii pops_kawaii Oct 18, 2017
Re-reading cuz of Origins but i remember this line wasn't here before and hehehe i noticed much more details now and other things xD
WolfQueen07 WolfQueen07 Dec 26, 2017
Only from the description and the way of talking, i knew that I will love your story
pokyzard pokyzard Jun 21, 2017
Reading all the above comments about the wolf part makes me reminisce about the time I first started reading werewolf books.... aahhhh I was just as confused 😂