The Captains

The Captains

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A football player and a cheerleader. The ideal and stereotypical couple right? Think again.

   Grayson Cooper charming, attractive, and stereotypically arrogant. Grayson is the star quarterback of Ocean City High and the most popular guy. One of those guys that a girl would die if he even talked to them.  However even if it didn't seem like it Grayson hated the brainless seeming idiots that flirted with him. This is probably why he's so intrigued by the new girl who defies the stereotypes and isn't what everybody says she is.
    Aspen Peterson the new girl at Ocean City High new to Florida period. She is not only known as the new girl. Aspen is the captain of the cheerleaders after showing everyone out at tryouts. Blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, nice body, sounds like the stereotypical cheerleader. But that's not what Aspen is. She isn't interested in dating a empty headed person who knows nothing, doesn't really care about prom, or the empty headed people who think she sleeps around. Aspen is a free spirit girl,who isn't afraid "to be one of the boys", isn't afraid to be herself, but is afraid to be loved or let anybody in after a difficult past.

  Aspen vows not to fall in love,because of still struggling to let go. Will all that change when two people who think they're completely different, but really have more in common than they think cross paths?

*Going through editing*

maceyywrites maceyywrites Oct 21, 2016
@ItSaBoUtThEjOuRnEy Yeah true, but I did and I thought I give my character the same joy. Some people just hit the jackpot I guess.
maceyywrites maceyywrites Nov 11, 2016
This is a coincidence. I'd delete this comment so no one knows your personal information
ItSaBoUtThEjOuRnEy ItSaBoUtThEjOuRnEy Oct 16, 2016
Jeeps are hella expensive!! The only one she'd get for under $10,000 would maybe be a stick shift. Sorry if I sound like a brat or a know-it-all, the story is really good so far, I just grew up around cars so I know them pretty well.
slddragon slddragon 3 days ago
I love this!! Her mom is shipping them after they had less then a 2 min conversation lmao 😂😂
ItSaBoUtThEjOuRnEy ItSaBoUtThEjOuRnEy Oct 16, 2016
Not trying to be that annoying person who points out every mistake, but this isn't a complete sentence; I think it's meant to be combined with the sentence before it maybe?
ItSaBoUtThEjOuRnEy ItSaBoUtThEjOuRnEy Oct 16, 2016
Double what? There's a lot of different things she could be doing here.