Drown [Eric Coulter] Divergent

Drown [Eric Coulter] Divergent

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Harper Von Treese was Erudite.

She chose Dauntless not because of a yearning for excitement or a veiled sense of bravery.

She choose Dauntless to unbury the truth and the lies, the deceit and corruption between Erudite's leader Jeanine Matthews, and Dauntless leader Eric. 

With only the memory of her father who guided her down this path, she must fight her way through initiation, and get under the skin of Eric to discover the truth. But will she drown in the chaos, trickery and lust before she reaches her goal? 

Updates are daily unless something comes up.

[Credit to Veronica Roth: much of the story will be prior to the series, but will include characters and elements from both the books and the movies. I apologize for inconsistencies as I did not like the movie or the books (those of which I saw/read) but I do like Jai Courtney. Image for cover is Brooke Shaden's (not the writing)]

  • abnegation
  • amity
  • candor
  • clarke
  • courtney
  • dauntless
  • divergent
  • emilia
  • eric
  • erudite
  • jai
  • jaicourtney
  • roth
  • tris
  • veronica
h4ppie h4ppie May 22
Wow I really love your writing, it’s so refreshing and just flows
AFleetingDream_91 AFleetingDream_91 Feb 25, 2016
hmmm. not confused so far. I'm liking it :3  may i know the ages of your characters
BesseMaude BesseMaude Jan 16, 2017
I like your writing ! Very descriptive amd immersive ! I can't wait to read more !
Koraimaaaa Koraimaaaa Jul 21
I'm starting to love this!!!!! How come I never found this book before???