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Raven By LunarRaven07 Updated Oct 27

An H20Vanoss Fanfic

Evan gets kidnapped by an insane Delirious, you'll have to read to find out more. 

~there is a trigger warning! So be careful!!~

*my descriptions are terrible, but hopefully the story is better. Please do read, I promise it's better than this stupid description. 

Also I apologize for any grammar/spelling mistakes I make*

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Can't Evan now pull out a knife and say I don't believe you...? XD
For some reason I think of H20 Delirious saying "Hey Buccaroo can you give me the S U C C A R O O ?"
Poor Vanoss
                              First I almost wrote Poor Ohm then I was like 'wait... Ohm isn't the one kidnapped XD' then I accidentally wrote Delirious XD
H20Septiplier_bbs H20Septiplier_bbs Apr 01, 2016
But it was AWESOME I HOPE THERES MORE I never disrespect anyone's books oh and your welcome
Binkylilly Binkylilly Jul 23, 2016
Dam delirious is a great person to hire in The Government X3